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     Wisconsin's Licensing Restrictions

      When can a student get an Instruction Permit (Temps)?

         -At age 15 as long as the student is currently enrolled in or has completed a class session

         by a Wisconsin DMV licensed driving school.   

     How long is the Instruction Permit valid?

       -The Instruction Permit is valid for 18 months.

      How many hours of supervised driving are required before taking the road test?

        -50 hours of supervised driving are required.  11 hours are credited with a WI DMV licensed 

          instructor via the Behind-the-Wheel instruction and 39+ are with PARENTS.

      When can a student take the state road test?

        -A student can take the road test at age 16 pending having held the Instruction Permit no less 

         than 6 months from the date of issue and that there have been no moving violation convictions

         within that time period.