• Five state-certified, experienced and patient instructors

  • Classroom session completed in 3 weeks

  • WE OFFER a 30-hour Online Course!

  • No missed school or extra-curriculars for driving instruction

  • Drives scheduled at YOUR convenience around YOUR schedule

  • We offer Behind-The-Wheel on both weekdays and weekends

  • Complete Behind-The-Wheel in 6 months or less

  • We can administer the Temps Test during the classroom session

  • We have a payment plan at NO additional cost

  • Vehicles available for rent for the Wisconsin DMV Road Test

Where Teaching Safe Drivers Is No Accident!

 Why Choose Drivers 2B?

The Waupaca environment is a perfect area to learn to drive.  Stop lights and signs, multi-lane and one-way streets, uncontrolled intersections, all-way stops, school zones, business and residential driving as well as Highway 10 and the Highway 54 Roundabout can all be experienced in this community.  Why pay for "commuting time" to Waupaca when all of these important driving situations are located just beyond our parking lot!